Safety briefing HAPIK
Safety briefing HAPIK

Safety first

You can't ignore the laws of gravity

  • From the equipment we select to our staff training and process design, we keep safety as our top priority.
  • Our automatic belay devices take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently to the ground. Weight range 35lbs - 330lbs.
  • Our innovative clipping system makes sure climbers are always correctly clipped in and cannot come unclipped in a middle of climb.
  • Each session begins with a safety and equipment briefing and our staff is regularly trained for rescue procedures.
  • The number one safey rule is "CLIP IN BEFORE CLIMBING".

Read more about our safety rules
Hapik fun climbing walls

Fun climbing walls

The higher the summit, the bigger the smile

  • Each of our gym offers a unique series of playful, brightly colored climbing walls.
  • While designed to be fun and accessible, they also offer 3 different levels of difficulty to challenge every climber.
  • Some walls are multi-climber challenges such as the Sprint walls with timers, the Hands in Hands or the Face to Face.

Hapik fun climbing walls
Obstacle course at HAPIK
Obstacle course at HAPIK

Ropes course

Reach for the sky!

  • Most of our parks feature indoor aerial challenge courses creatively designed to fit into the building.
  • Each of our ropes courses are designed with different features, but you can always look forward to a swinging bridge, suspended platforms, nets and ziplines.
  • Our continuous lifeline system offers maximum safety, and a team member is always on hand at the start of the course
  • The minimum height required is 48".

Fun climbing at HAPIK

Vertical challenges

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

  • Leap of Faith, Stairway to Heaven, Vertical Drop Slide, and more: our many vertical challenges will defy your fear of heights.
  • Always designed with fun and safety in mind, our obstacles take inspiration from "Ninja Warrior" and "Freeruning".
  • Some challenges require a minimum height.

Fun climbing at HAPIK
Kids climbing walls HAPIK
Kids climbing walls HAPIK

1st timer climbing wall

Be your own hero!

  • Because climbing is natural for kids but verticality needs some practice, we specifically designed a range of easy climbing walls.
  • Movements and route reading are kept very simple so that you can build your confidence and start climbing higher and higher.
  • These climbing walls are perfect for the "mini climbers", but they can be used by anyone who want their first steps into climbing to be easy.

Snacking at HAPIK

Snack bar

After the FUN, time for YUM

  • All our parks offer a wide and comfortable seating area which faces the climbing arena so you can watch the show.
  • We offer a variety of drinks and snacks to refill your energy after climbing or enjoy while chaperoning climbers from the ground.
  • Our setup is also perfect for hosting birthday parties and group events.

Snacking at HAPIK