Climbing gym membership perks
Climbing gym membership perks

Membership perks

As a member, you can enjoy our facilities for 90min every day & all the following benefits:

  • Member-only check-in line.
  • 10% off snacks and drinks.
  • 10% off birthday party packages.
  • 1 free family climbing pass per month.
  • Member-only promotions and events.

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Climbing gym membership perks

Membership FAQ

The main terms & conditions are the following:

  • Membership is charged automatically each month with a minimum commitment of 3 months.
  • Members must notify HAPIK one week before member's renewal date for membership freezes or cancellation to avoid the next month's charge.
  • Membership reservation availability may be limited due to park capacity restrictions. Book online to be sure to get your spot.
  • There are no black out dates and your Membership can be used throughout the day. Check park operations hours.

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Climbing gym membership perks
Hapik South Gate climbing gym membership
Hapik South Gate climbing gym membership

Individual membership - $39.00 / Month

up to 90min of climbing every day.

  • Get you and your kids active while having fun.
  • Improve your climbing while building confidence, self-esteem and focus.
  • When your kids are not at school, make sure that they have easy access to a fun and beneficial activity to get their energy out. It is the best way to keep them away from screens.
  • Family discount applies: $31.00 / Month per member (min. of 4 family members).

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